Amnesty Airlif


The American Museum
of the Cuban Diaspora

Full identity redesign in progress.


TrueTemper Posters

Showcasing TrueTemper's versatile attitude.  

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Visual Brand Exploration

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Dress For Success & Suited For Success 

Suited for Success (SFS), and Dress for Success (DFS) was started to help welfare recipients enter the workforce by providing them with appropriate clothing for interviews and jobs. Experience quickly showed that business clothing is essential, but not sufficient to get and keep a job, so SFS created tailored workshops on job interview readiness, professional image, communication skills, and business etiquette. 

Create an overarching theme & design for Suited for Success and Dress for Success Miami’s annual fundraising gala held at the Rusty Pelican on Key Biscayne.

Bobby Kuhn, CW


Campaign Branding

*I do not support Donald Trump.

Inspired by Obama's game-changing Hope Campaign, I set out to brand a presidential candidate prior to the start of The 2016 Primaries. At the time, I chose to brand the man once called, "The Donald" with a bold and new look.

My Objectives
Create a new image for a man whose name is synonymous with gold, gaudy, and Victorian-era style. 

Make him appear humble and accessible to younger voters.

Create a fresh and ‘for the people’ look, while excluding the name 'Trump' from the ticket. 


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Print Magazine Design

Fashion is more than just looks, it is a state-of-being. In its basic form, an expression of creative genius. A genius seen to us as divine madness that grabs hold of our mind.

Inspired by the inherent madness that creators posses, we expose the creative genius that is often glamorized but rarely understood. 

To us fashion is more than just wardrobe. Fashion is a tattoo parlor, a dish, a fragrance, or a beat. 

Would you consider Ed Hardy a fashionista or tattoo artist?

CUCU magazine is for millennials who understand that fashion and style is not born on a runway, but on the streets. We supersede the status quo in search of creatives whose madness inspired them to create and bring trendsetting fashions to life.

Daniela Rodriguez
Candi Garrido
Senyo Tamakloe
Victor Quintana
Rajiv Sompali

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SmartAss Tees

T-shirts for ad industry creatives.

It seems everyone, and their grandmother, is in the t-shirt business these days. Well, make room for one more! 

SmartAss Tees is a side project two years in the making. The concept has garnered a lot of interest from peers and ad industry professionals and will be launching during the summer/fall '16 season with 3 tees, 2 baseball caps, and a bucket hat from our garment gods in Brooklyn. 

Stay tuned.